I founded a primary school in Los Angeles and then a secondary school in Scotland. Both schools were places of refuge for students who did not fit the mainstream educational model. Many of those students were closed down to learning and their eyes, which should have been full of sparkling curiosity, were dull and lifeless. Some were  taking anti-anxiety medication.

I saw that once the students were released from having to exist in a high-stress environment and when they were given the opportunity and the time to be creative, imaginative and curious, the deep anxieties they held about performance and sociality disappeared. 

I was intrigued by this shift in the state of consciousness, what was happening in the minds of these students who transformed from a state of locked-in lifelessness to a state of sparkly joyful curiosity, full of spirit and life?  

I wanted to find out more and so undertook a Masters Degree in the Philosophy of Education and Consciousness with Buckingham University in London.  Through this research I came to understand how our brains are designed with two types of attention - the  narrow and focused attention of the left hemisphere, and the open and curious attention of the right hemisphere. I then realised why the students were able to return to their natural state of being, through access to the arts and nature, right hemispheric function expanded and  duel consciousness integration was restored to levels of their younger years.   

I have created The Portal Projects to help both students and adults return to the natural state of integrated consciousness. Through the individual application of Flow, and the group application of Flux, the brain starts working as nature intended. 

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Diane Elliott

Founding Director

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