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Drama Opportunities - Not Drugs for Adolescents in Scotland 

It of the utmost urgency that an adolescent anti-drug programme be implemented in Scotland immediately. 

Drug use after the age of 21 sees one person in 25 become a life-long addict. 

Drug use before the age of 18, sees one person in 4 becomes a life-long addict.* 

This is all due to how the brain is developing. This is why a focus on young people staying away from drugs is such important step in the effort to find solutions for this huge health epidemic. 


In our experience, young people need the excitement and camaraderie of belonging to a drama group. However The Portal Projects is not a traditional drama experience, alongside excitement and camaraderie comes competition and failure and 'The Skills' -  First Principle Thinking, Big 5 Personality Traits and Game Theory.  

The Portal Projects has ceased all activity to focus on delivering those drama opportunities to those young people most at risk of using harmful drugs.


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